Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa box

Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa

Platform: NES
Wii Points:
600/500 (JP)
Genre: Action
Original Release:
Release Date:

US flag 2008-06-09
JP flag 2008-06-03
UK flag 2008-08-29
AU flag 2008-08-29
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Official Description

BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA is an action game released in 1988, but it was never before available outside of Japan. Players take on the role of baby Upa, a prince of the Akuyo kingdom. Prince Upa must take on an adventure spanning seven different worlds in order to rescue the kingdom from the dangerous demon Zai. Upa must defeat the enemies he meets along the way by inflating them. Upa can then use these floating enemies to his advantage by bouncing off of or riding on top of them. The prince must also avoid deadly thorns and pits while keeping an eye out for helpful items such as milk (to restore health) and bells (for temporary invincibility) if he hopes to succeed. If you're looking for a cute and solid platformer with a hero unlike those in most other games, then look no further than BIO MIRACLE BOKUTTE UPA.

Notes & Highlights

  • Play as a baby with a magic rattle that inflates his enemies.
  • Crawl your way through each stage in your search to rescue your parents.
  • Enjoy addicting level tunes that never leave your head.
  • This is the most badass baby ever.
  • The game never got any sort of sequel but Baby Upa has since showed up in several Konami titles such as Wai Wai World and Parodius.
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